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Follow The White Rabit Of Curiosity

7th Nov 2022

When we were kids, we looked towards our future with adventure and curiosity, this is one of the things that is programmed out of us. As this anticipation was the feeling of many possibilities, and for those that came from higher realms we also had an inner awareness of excitement that could be created when one steps into knowing and supporting such curiosities.

If this was to be we would have moved into and created a whole other vibration within the consciousness of humanity, shifting that which was repetitive and no longer serving us. But due to the lower vibrations of logical guidance present, we became part of the limited story constantly going around in circles only creating a life of misery as we kept that alive by focusing on what was shown to us by others, who were also caught in the program.

But now we have been asked to remember these feelings of adventure and curiosity as this is the moment that we dream a new story into humanity’s consciousness. One where we remember that we are Source Energy going on a journey, that we do have a say in what direction we take, by that which we focus on and trust. That there are many on the other side of this limited fear-based program ready to help us and will also quench our thirst to show us far beyond that which was once a bland reality of loss and scarcity.

Take this journey with us now and travel beyond your limited concept of what reality is, to places and thoughts that invigorate and leave you feeling euphoric. Where peace of mind is reflected back as peace on Earth and all is replenished by one’s own self-support and understanding, that to be here is enough to know you are meant to take this invaluable journey towards all you desire.

Channeled via Bobbie and her Soul Team

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