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Four Alien Races Visited Me.

I asked for the truth of our history and was visited by 4 different races for real over 10 years telling me their version of events. I feel now we are on a journey of self-discovery and with that DNA manipulation and combination, we have all the pieces within us once awoken to connect directly to source energy and bring other races who lost the way with us.

This is a huge story and I will endeavour to share on my about page eventually. But as an spiritual overview for now, I was visited by these races.

Reptilians - showed me how powerful I am as they played the part of my biggest fears coming alive and attacked me. Only to find within my confidence, my stillness, my faith in myself how to get out of the attack as a ball of white light shot out of my chest between my heart and my solar plexus, like all of my chakra points came together to shift me out of their dence reality.

Pleiadians - Awakened my gifts to know I am loved and have hidden talents lying dormant. Such as telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation, astral traveling, prophetic dreams. Some of which are still lying dormant but my awareness of them gives me my drive of purpose to evolve past my limited mind.

Annunaki - The power of these beings had to be suppressed so that they could work with me. They tested me and asked if I had it in me to walk through them to safety. I passed. They are the way showers of our subconscious mind teaching us there's more beyond the strengths we think we are. They show the path of endurance to go all the way, and if we are strong enough to follow our hearts this will pay off for humanity. They showed me many truths of how life and death are entwined when they came into my existence.

Lyrans - The barginers and way showers of DNA manipulation. They taught me to respect my powers, to not give them away for less then what I am deserving. They are the ones who know the fusion of things will bring new awareness. They challenged my authenticity by using me to gain new understanding into Source energy. But this was all in the dance of agreements between myself and their race. This is where I learned that many races were manipulating dna not to become better than others but to find their way home to Source Energy, to find their way home as we all are.


Bobbie Richardson

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