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Hang In There

Hang in there, we are going on a huge energetic ride through a gateway to show us a new vibrational way of living. It could tear down things that you thought were stable but once your energy settles in this new love vibration, a trip you had to experience separately, will bring you to your fully embracing your higher self. Then on the other side, all that is in the truth of love will come back together.

Although if you have already shed most of what dosnt resonate with love in your reality, using the new waves of energy pelting Gaia, then you will probably find this transition a lot easier and flow through the gateway quite happy to be in your own company.

All of this reminds me of a channeled drawing I drew in 2006 of an hourglass held by the hand of God. Shaking things up to align humanity with a desired reality of which they had been screaming for. And so we are now entering the center but have to move through the gateway separately to fit.

And also in 2006 it reminds me of a dream I was gifted, of lying down on a cliff and starting from my feet up I turned into particles, I could see myself as tiny light dots. Then I bit by bit was reconstructed and that's when I saw my higher self as a beautiful angelic lady emanating white light. She looked at me then turned and jumped off the cliff, because she trusted her essence, her power so much that she knew she would be safe and so she was.

For we are always creating our reality as we move through it. The trick is to learn to trust ourselves fully and no longer need approval from others to make our next move. For in the end we are the collective and we are our own individual journey as one creating a new world, your experience of yourself is needed and part of a bigger picture.

Art Hourglass sketch and Have Faith painting By Bobbie Richardson


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