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Higher or Lower Vibrational Reality, the Choice is Yours.

Message 29th July 2020

The split between humans living in the higher authentic self vibrations, and the lower controlled vibrations is becoming very apparent. This was meant to happen to allow all to make a firm decision of how they want to evolve.

I've seen the split of around 2 thirds to 1 third and know the river flowing through the higher vibrations is way more than we can tell from watching any mainstream media or facebook posts which is controlled mainly by the lower controlling vibrations.

Our immediate reality in this moment is always a reflection of our expectations, and therefore one must ask, 'am I being controlled?' And if one feels that way, then ask self, 'what don't I trust within myself to bring this outside controlled reflection to me? Is it that I don't trust my power or myself if I am completely authentic, is it that I don't trust that I will always lead myself to freely evolve?'

Many might even confirm their outside reality as control by saying, we need to be in the thick of it all to help others. But if this is the case ask yourself, 'do I still love myself enough if I stop helping others?' If the answer is 100% yes then you are in the right place, because at any time you will need to let go of helping others and return as we all do to the higher vibration to supporting only self and trusting that everyone else can support themselves too. This is because in the higher vibrations we all have the responsibility to self support, so we can unite and co-create from a strong platform of self love.

Know that you are doing so well!!!

There are many energies supporting your decision to leave the old program and evolve as authentic balanced human beings.

I know that this journey has been a roller coaster of emotions, clearing and centering self to an inner peace, feeling into knowing where you are going, then another round of emotions, clearing and centering self again. At times you feel like you've lost it, then you feel the path of peace within and all is harmonise until the next wave. This will intensify until the end of the year or until you have cleared enough to only come from trusting yourself to live once again in the moment.

Humans are naturally emotional beings and when we can trust to use these emotions as part of our existence then we can trust our intuition once again. As our intuition is driven by our emotions and emotions come from our hearts. But we need to learn to catch them, and know them, so we can read them. We need to learn to use them and not disregard or belittle them. It is only then that peace within will stay with us, as our trust in this part of ourselves, which we have denied for eons will find the path we are looking for, that of least resistance by using our intuition once again.

This in itself will evolve us into knowing we are a powerhouse of Love or Source Energy and cannot be deterred by any others ever again as we take the reins back to believing in self, and knowing that once we have made our decision to remain free authentic beings, then we will stay free authentic beings.

Bobbie Richardson

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