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How Can You Change The World We Live In?

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

31st Jan 2021

Some say self love and self support is selfish, but when it's coming from an acceptance of all that you are this is not the truth. Because from that point you would have had to make peace with all of your emotions and to do that be completely honest with yourself. Most of us are taught that self-love equals greed, which is where the term selfishness derives from but greed means there is a lack of within that person and to have a lack of which needs to be filled states that they don't love themselves fully, so this is not self-love.

Once we do however recognize, support and love ourselves fully for being who we are, this is where the magic starts to happen because you can only improve your life from this point of view being that you'll no longer put up with energies that don't align with that self-support anymore and automatically led yourself to better circumstance surrounded by better people, thus you are bettering the world we all live in because others that don't align will not to be apart of that beautiful world you live in anymore.

Bobbie Richardson

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