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How Do Others Manipulate You

Manipulation happens when one is looking for answers outside themselves and therefore giving their power away, their ego is an easy target because the ego is always looking to be better than others. This fact makes it an easy target for others who see your ego and inflate it until all you desire is to keep that inflated infatuation of self to stay safe, but this is the point where you’ve literally given your power away to those who are trying to manipulate you because an inflated ego is an illusion and has no support other than what you feel others think of you in that moment. Where if your support comes from within yourself, there is no other that can take that power away from you.

In higher frequencies we are all in the understanding that all are creating their own existence and therefore those that are in our reality would have similar goals automatically, supporting each other through one’s support of self, till we all succeed in the endeavour set out by the individual coming together with others of similar goal sets creating a supportive collective.

If one doesn’t agree their energy will move towards that which it does due to knowing an uncomfortable feeling is showing them their mis-alignment in the moment and moving them towards those that they have a collective agreement with. Allowing an ebb and flow to direct one into the right collective. This is the natural program within all of us once we become in balance with ourselves, supporting each other as we support and trust our own energies.

Channeled 2nd September 2022

Bobbie Richardson

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