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How I changed my problems into happiness.

My lesson this week... Every time I'm not aligned with my happiness. Every time I'm sad, angry, frustrated. Instead of trying to work on the problem by proving myself right, convincing myself and others I'm being heard and so on. I turn it around and ask myself, what can make me happy now. What can I align myself with to feel better thus back to source or love that I truly am whether that's getting a cup of tea, removing myself, being grateful for something else I've achieved, stop thinking of the problem at hand which has misaligned me with my happiness?

Some may say but you're running away from the problem, but I know that when I do this I'm not running away, I'm not fueling the problem as the whole point to mending or healing is to feel better about self and thus I'm taking the easy way towards happiness again without fueling the problem thus fighting myself and others.

This practice has worked for me so well, I'm now becoming excited to see what I can achieve next from this place of happiness and LOVE. BR

Invisionart© Bobbie Richardson

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