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How I Was Taught To Find Truth

Over 20 years ago I went on a quest to find the truth, this is how I was guided by my soul team to trust what I was receiving.

The 1st step was to empty my cup, in others words let go of all I thought was the truth.

The 2nd step was to ask for at least 3 signs, letting go of each one as they happened to be clear I was getting the right message and not just following any programs in my mind.

3 signs coming from all different people, places, books, etc to confirm within days or weeks of each other while going on my normal day to day activities, got my attention and I felt then I could look into this new truth even more.

Sometimes years later I would revisit that truth and let it all go again opening myself up to seeing if it would all happen again. This was because many of these truths I learnt were so outside of the norm, the outside world would get me to 2nd guess. It was vital though that I let go of all outcomes before doing this, because our logical imprints can make certain things stand out to get our attention to confirm the program is right, but if you truly let go first and trust with an open mind you will be amazed at the new truths that show you how incredible this world can be.

Happy truth hunting



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Yin Liu
Yin Liu
19 oct 2022

Truth told! Letting go is so hard and I go back and forth, but when I truly let go I feel liberated from the program that has been limiting me. NOT playing their game anymore! lol.

Me gusta
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