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How to get out of feeling crappy.

The most important thing is not what we have, not what we see, not what we surround ourselves with, although all of those things are of great importance because they make up the most important thing, and that is... what we feel.

Our feelings have been pushed aside as we have been taught our five senses are more important, sight, hearing, smells, touch, and taste. But nothing is taught in schools about our feelings and yet our feelings are all that counts because if we feel bad in a situation we should know no damn well to get out. Maybe that's why we stay in toxic relationships, in jobs that feel anxious, in houses that feel wrong. Maybe we've been programmed to deny our feelings as we have trained ourselves to move towards things that don't serve us at all.

"Oh but it will toughen you up," says the overbearing father lost in his own dark mind.

"But why do I need to be toughened up? What do I get out of feeling bad about myself, other than getting more annoyed with others for this bad feeling?" says the girl who dares question her father's authority.

"You will be able to handle the big bad world if you harden up like I did." says Dad

"So if I move towards what feels bad, then I get to be able to handle more bad?"

"Yes, it's not all roses out there. The world can be a hard place to live in." Dad replies.

"So you're saying to be strong we all need to handle the crap which makes us all feel bad, therefore the world is bad and we learn to be the crap for the next generation to learn to handle our crap. Hmmmm, isn't that just counter-productive?"

You see we have been taught to fear our good feelings as good feelings are deemed as weak, but when we are angry, annoyed or frustrated all we do is create the very existence we hate which actually makes us feel weaker. We are actually taught that this world can never feel to good as to feel to good isn't reality or real?

Ok so how do we as a human race move past all of this negative programming and into a reality that we all feel good again. I mean isn't that what we are all striving for? Isn't feeling good the underlying reason to winning a lot of money, to falling in love or gaining success in a job we love?

We all want to feel good. And that can look different for everyone on the outside but on the inside to feel good about oneself is the same.

Now in saying all of that let's take that person who says they want a certain thing, let's say winning a few million dollars. How do we get there if we are always moving towards what feels bad? We can't because if we feel bad we attack others and therefore invite more of what feels bad missing any opportunities that looks and feels good because we are all trying to look like we can handle feeling shite all day. It just doesn't work.

Ok, back to the person who says what they want.

"So you want a few million dollars in your bank account."


"Are you sure?"

"Um, yes."

"But it's just a number on your account, tomorrow the dollars value could fall and leave you with a lot of 0s worth 0. So what is it you really want to do with that money?"

"I want to buy a beautiful house, with a garden and surround myself with nice stuff."

"Ok so what does that feel like?"

"It feels like I'm worth a lot."

"Oh so you want to feel worthy?"

"Um, yes I suppose so."

"So what can you do right now to make you feel worthy."

"I could buy that very expensive car I want."

"Can you afford that right now. Because if you can't, I can't see how that would make you feel worthy right now."

"Hmmm No."

"So right now in this moment what can you do in your immediate reality to make you feel worthy?"

"I could by that plant I wanted to buy yesterday."

"Can you afford that?"


"Does that give you a feeling of being worthy right now."


"Then that's what you should do and every moment following. Whether its paying a bill thats outstanding, buying something beautiful for your home, if your approach to everything is with the right perspective, always moving towards a good feeling, not over reaching yourself and seeing what you can't do, but rather what you can do to give you a worthy feeling in every moment. You will end up moving towards more and more worthy feelings about yourself. Therefore this worthy feeling becomes comfortably and then you'll get to know it so well, when you feel it you will lead yourself to more and more of that. So when you do eventually get that house you always desired and you will because there's nowhere else for your energy to go other then towards that which feels good, you've also had a great life getting there.

This is why feelings and feeling good is way more important than anything else."

We need to learn to get excited about life again, stop doubting our feel good feelings and pushing them aside to thinking life has to be tough to get ahead. The journey of feeling good is then way more important as that journey is your life.

Channeled through Bobbie Richardson 2nd July 2020

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