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How To Handle These Frequent Energy Shifts

Good morning, it's 27th July now and wow haven't we been on a huge roller coaster of energies, but I can tell you there will come a point when you have had enough and know beyond any doubt how who your authentic self is and when that times comes you can put down your armour of protection, your weapons to defend. Because in that moment your strength is undeniable and you will see through those still fighting to accept themselves.

This is where the rollercoaster of emotions is coming from, it isn't anything outside yourself but it is the inner journey of one realizing you have allowed your authentic self to be determined by those outside of you. But we are all unique for a reason, we all see life through different eyes so we can experience new things, attempt new things, see from different perspectives, and that unique piece that you are of the puzzle, is the only one that fits into the right place or is you, for the whole of us to see the bigger picture, that when we are connected we are ONE.

As the oneness that we are, needs you to be authentically you again to find your rightful powerful place in this reality to create again from the whole, something we haven't done for eons because we have been trying to mould into everyone else's expectations and thus creating a thought process that if we all become the same as clones we can make an easier connection, but then the whole picture isn't uniquely connected to a beautiful big picture we can call source energy, no instead it becomes so much the same it is blank.

So to help you when you feel you are losing yourself in these energies of finding yourself, go with it, don't fight it, have a down moment, but when you do this come from an observer point of view as much as you can, see it like a story running through you but isn't you. Analyze yourself and don't be afraid to feel into each emotion and where it could be coming from, because the emotion is taking you to what you are denying or not supporting within your original authentic self. Once you get this, you may need to force your mind to stop, go and take that bath, lie in a field, do some art, what ever you have to do to make you happy again, then when you are settled take another look from this point of view at your reaction, it will be easier now from a observational point of view. Repeat this if you have to. See where you have denied yourself that same power you felt others were denying you. This will help you accept you as you are, you don't always have to be the strong one, the nurturing one, the one that does everything to be magnificent. All you have to be is yourself.

Bobbie Richardson

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