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28th May 2022

How to use negative emotions to fuel you into feeling the opposite.,

Feeling into jealousy, you feel you were meant to be where that person is in their life.

Use it to fuel you into creating a reality that’s even more fulfilling than what you are jealous of.

Feeling into anger, you are feeling out of control and need to quickly shift everything outside of you so you don’t have to accept what you feel you cannot change.

Use this knowing to stand in your power and shift your journey to what you desire from the inside out, in other words know you are powerful and come from your heart for all.

Feeling into victimization, you are feeling smaller than another, powerless to shift anything so you hide behind your tears of self-pity.

See where your too scared to take responsibility for your life and fuel yourself to take back that power, to be responsible, there is nobody outside of you that doesn’t reflect the immense power that you are.

Feeling stuck, you are feeling impatient and not in line with the energies surrounding you. Use this to fuel your acceptance that even though you are not physically doing something you are allowing more wisdom to flow through you, trust in divine timing for you are always creating it.

Bobbie Richardson

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