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Huge Shift Of Balance

Channeled Knowing...

Heads up everyone, a huge shift in consciousness is happening right now and over the next few months, as we find a balance between the masculine and feminine powers within us again.

This can come through as a feeling of lack within oneself or if one has found balance within, a feeling of gratitude, or even both, depending on what you have been through in this life so far.

This is the feminine power grounding itself within humanity's consciousness, something that has been in denial for thousands of years and many lifetimes.

Those that carry the divine feminine as their power, could feel a sense of worthlessness so they can realize where they allowed society to dictate their worth and reclaim this.

Those that carry the divine masculine could feel a sense of never being able to do enough or be enough, to show you where your actions are not the only thing that is needed in this world, that your feelings do have power as well and can guide you through everything with way more ease.

We are in essence both and need to acknowledge both as a whole to move into these next vibrations.

Love and light to you all


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