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Humanities Greatest Gift

8th May 2021 Channeled Message via Bobbie Richardson

In the great cosmos, many beings reside, this gives many opportunities for the soul to experience interesting adventures and situations. One planet's lessons and adventures could be how to dive deep into the energies of their planets vibrations while still maintaining the avatar of the body. Another's could be learning to speak with the soul through their own sun/star or how to cope with a whole new sensory that humanity doesn’t even know exists. There are so many different realities just as there are plants, insects, and animal life-forms on your planet.

Earth’s lesson is of the unity of duality. Two completely different opposing realities merging into acceptance of the other. This in itself is one of the greatest gifts once accomplished because this in itself is the final step of integrating the soul as ONE SOURCE ENERGY therefore becoming creator of a whole new existence brunching not only father out from the whole but also at the same time becoming ONENESS itself.

Many souls have come here to experience such bliss as such bliss once accomplished is the beginnings of learning to be creator Gods.

During this incarnation the soul has had to find ways of much rest, for no soul can actually stay in the limited unbalanced reality of logic dictates all for too long, which is why the soul cannot handle more then 36 hours before going crazy and wanting to self-sabotage the body. So, sleep is a necessity for the soul to rest from this limited reality just as death comes quicker to those who's souls are unhappy. But once one learns to intergrade both logic and intuition, connecting back to the soul in a balanced accepted way, trusting the unknown parts of self, they become creator gods of their own reality. Then the souls feeling of freedom will want to stay longer therefore sleep will not be needed as much just as one’s life will live longer.

There are many gifts that come with acceptance of all as LOVE.

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