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Humanities Upgrade

10th August Channeled Message

Once humanity steps out of the confinements of planet Earth and enter into the vastness of the universe and even multiverse, their consciousness would have such a great expansion. Therefore one could go mad unless they have done the inner work of learning to acknowledge their soul as their essence. This will give the person an open awareness that many other species and advantages are possible, therefore telepathic communication will be the next go to for communication allowing one to become use to the different frequencies and species.

This expansion will eventually take humanity on an inward journey of self-discovery that everything outside of them is already a possibility from within as they learn to develop their vibrational bodies and lift their awareness through their consciousness onto other planets, into light frequencies and to be able to manipulate solid structures to bend to their will.

The combination of many focused on the same outcome can then create way faster changes that enhance ones living standards and allow for lightship and vortexes to travel through the stars leaving the combustible engine at a standstill as all created from only outside oneself is easily used against others and dosn’t always have others best interest being that it is only developed via the mind and not the heart or soul.

This upgrade will be something quite quick once humanity is ready for contact, and once they have established and learn to live within higher vibrations, allowing them to meet others within higher frequencies of love for self and all.

Bobbie Richardson and Etheric Soul Tribe

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