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21st Jan 2023


Our fear of the light or being the best version of ourselves only exists because of the program pulled over our eyes to bring us into a place of victimization. But victimization is simply a place to hide from the light and from one’s connection to their soul. As the soul was a blind spot in humanities consciousness, just as religion was only a limited concept of our soul.

This is because logic could only understand all as separated from one’s body and so a God outside of us was born.

When logic is at a healthy state of mind it will only seek counsel of one’s soul and never of another as one knows self-best. It is needed for souls to be born into a lineal story to have an adventure of walking on Earth.

When humanity had learnt all, they could in the Atlantis, Lemuria days they needed to be able to ground their reality softly and to learn all about the outside world and the value of its creation. So, we were all shifted into an unbalanced mind as the logical mind was overinflated to keep one in lockdown so that humanity could reach full understanding without bringing to many other realties into their lessons, as they have it within them to show all others the way home by realizing that all is a mere reflection of the realization of oneself and the world, they choose to be present in.

Therefore, humanity now has the chance to choose the given reality they want to accept, by returning ones focus to that which they desire instead of fear.

It is only within the whole of humanities consciousness that this acceptance will become and therefore those who

know of realities beyond the so-called norm are being asked to step up and forge new paths on Earth to become more than that which is accepted, to ground their Utopias on Earth for all of humanity to watch.

Then those that see what can become will believe bringing whole new perspectives to humanities consciousness as the logic starts to accept there is more than this separated world.

Bobbie and her Soul Team.

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