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Important Message Dec 2020 - Riding The Storm

16th Dec 2020

As we move through and navigate away from the storm that is approaching, people that are awoken will be leading via example.

Once an absolute choice is made within the human psyche, reality will bend to meet that choice.

So saying an absolute no to things like vaccines or any other control that has been thrown at you, will give you the keys within and therefore the signs will show up directing you to the path of freedom.

But you will need to absolutely trust your instincts and that is why we are clearing so much because our fears can misguide us, because we cannot trust out intuition when fear is present, it simply overrides our gut feelings with that fear.

Thus the intense energies are bringing forth all to clear and you can then trust yourself again as a whole person, intuitively and logically. Therefore as a reflection you also trust others because it is not whether they are trustworthy it is about you, are you aware enough to follow your intuition and trust others?

Once you attain this, you can group together and become a much stronger force knowing where you are going. This is how we navigate and grow a whole new frequency on Earth as more groups become larger and combine with others all though trusting our intuition again.

Then our imagination will be able to create something brand new.

Bobbie Richardson

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