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Important Powerful Snake Dream 2020

I had a very interesting dream in the early morning of the 10th July 2020 at 4am. It was of a huge snake with bright yellow and bright green markings on it coming through the clouds in the sky.

I was with my two youngest girls and told them to stay very still and quiet in the house. We eventually moved to a hiding place I had created for this moment, as the very large snake crawled around and through the rooms of our house. When it got close, I was telling the girls to shhhhh. I was in fear but then I remembered being told to still the mind in another dream as I started to wake up, so still half in the dream world and in this, I challenged myself to have no fear and quiet my mind. Then many images started to race through my mind, flickering one by one as if the snake was drawing them out of me. I've had this sort of thing happen before when I connected to the rock called Uluru in September 2011 and in other dreams when beings have touched me.

My interpretation - The snake represents our power and green is new growth where bright yellow is joy and happiness. The snake also represents the circle of life, the end of one reality and the beginning of another. I feel it is very important to stay centered and still at this point in our lives as we judge ourselves. Are we in honour of our emotions, of our decisions, of our authentic behaviour, do we love ourselves enough to not feel guilt, hatred, fear. As when the powerful snake comes to us all and it will, we will need to be able to have tamed the mind to be able to hear the power of our hearts desires.

I also saw in my mind when I woke, the giant snake curled around her eggs, like a circle of protection. Each egg represented a human. But she wouldn't protect a bad egg only those that had the ability to grow into the powerful beings they are suppose to be.

This message is for each and everyone of us. She is asking us all to acknowledge our true power and rise to meet the wisdom we all have inside of us all. To acknowledge all of ourselves and to bring the mind back into its rightful place as the protector of immediate danger, not as the fear monger of all things. Because how can we know wisdom when it comes to us if we are afraid of everything powerful. This is the program humanity needs to shatter, the program that the mind is the lawmaker of irrational fears. But if you have learned to still the mind you will feel the heart and the heart knows the difference between power and destruction.

The wisdom to work with the Earth and learn to communicate with her again, lies with you and your ability to put all, within, in it's rightful balance again.

Bobbie Richardson

Here's a live Facebook post on this dream and more messages about the power of the snake entering our reality.

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