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Insights Of The Lockdown and Humanity Returning Home.

Message - 3rd September 2020 altered with new insights 28th November 2020

Humanity is awakening to its authentic self. This is the biggest combined reflection happening Now on Earth, as we move energetically closer and closer to knowing ourselves as ONENESS. But because many souls were trapped in an inner energetic lockdown, not realizing the veil pulled over their eyes of this controlled and fear-based society. There had to be a story to help shift many people at the same time.

So as we come closer to knowing ONENESS or the Love that we are, the truth of the veil that was pulled over our lives was reflected outside of us all in the form of this worldwide lockdown, so we could see what was hidden from us. Lockdown is what humanity has been involved in since our vibrational fall thousands of years ago. But now it is time to step out, as now it is in front of us all. Therefore we have been given the opportunity to find our way out.

If we see this in terms of the brain, although the brain is a bit more complex than just the right and left hemisphere but mainly the right hemisphere which holds our intuitive response linked to our gut and alter or body, our imagination linked to our 3rd eye or the pineal gland and soul was actually in lockdown for thousands of years and many generations. This all happened for a reason to give humanity an opportunity to learn all about our left brain or logical and scientific side, the side that connects us to creating a straight line time zone so that we could put our souls' journeys into a story and experience the limitations of being in a physical world.

And now that we have learned from both sides of ourselves, logic and imagination, so we can move into creating something brand new by working in unity with both, knowing there will always be a need to trust the unknown parts of ourselves, which will again open the doors within to new frequencies, ones already established and others we newly create from our learning. But not until the mind stops warring from within.

This is a time to be brave enough to trust and support all aspects of yourself and learn to let go of the need for the logical brain to have all the answers as it never did, to take responsibility for how you feel and think again, it is an inner realization, that you have had the reigns to create the reality you wanted, all the time. But you gave it away by feeding into their fear-based program ruled by the logical side of self not aware of its connection to the whole due to the lockdown of our intuition and imagination. And logic without this connection can only create a leader follower reality as it has no connection to the Source or God within that we are ONE, nothing to learn from other than placing its trust in another, which left humanity wide open for other being to come in and help lead, which was the job of the Annunaki and Draconian but the Draconians forgot their purpose and within their greed have held on too long to rule us. The Annunaki on the other hand knows our evolution is apart of there's now and have come back to help guide. But the Draconians are actually a reflection of our logical brain fearing the unknown when it lets go and trust our intuition/imagination again.

The best thing we can individually do is to direct ourselves to what we are passionate about again, to support our uniqueness and know we are part of a bigger picture, to trust our gut that there is more to life. This will vibrationally help you move towards freedom within and in reflection leaving the lockdown reality as your stillness and present moment awareness of leaving the worry of the unknown behind will give you access to the pineal gland and many new abilities. This is how you show others, you teach them not by controlling and getting upset with them, but by being the example that you are worthy and worth a loving happy life.

This is how we truly escape. Then those whom we had given our power away to due to the lockdown have no more control through fear, as it won't be accepted as part of our reality anymore.

With LOVE Bobbie Richardson

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