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11th June 2022 - Arcturians

Once absolute acceptance of all, in your reality is reached, through that acceptance all that is, is love. Therefore one has reached the central zero point of all creation or GOD. This is where the next adventure sprouts, through creative nurturing of all as love, one dosn’t need to shift any unwanted realities or stories as ones focus souley on ‘love for all’ as this will automatically lead you to all that one desires and the rest will fall away.

10th June 2022- Arcturians

Your worth is not how much your family and friends and even lovers feel about you. If your relying on that then you are putting a lot of weight on their shoulders to show you your worth. But if you start to love yourself as you are now, and need for no other to prove to you how much you are worth, then they feel your power of supporting yourself and then want to get to know you because they don’t feel like you need them but they will respect you as much as you respect yourself.

8TH JUNE - Higher Self

Imagine if we are all collectively creating our reality but we are so unaware of this that our conscious state is projecting a victimized program controlled by a race of beings more advanced than ours, keeping us in a collective dream state that keeps them in control. All they have to do is to send a fear game out to the collective and let our fear create the outcome by the collective consciousness agreeing that the said fear is indeed real. We then collectively create the problem and the more we focus on it the bigger it gets.

You can see this in the history of humanity, where cancer was spread not by infection but by advertising and getting everyone in fear of it. Before the advertising campaigns of “Support Cancer” started our grandparent had hardly heard of it and so it wasn’t a major issue in the collective. But these days and especially when it was promoted the problem became rampit.

This is purely because humanity has the ability through focus to create the reality they believe to be. It may seem like a huge fall in the human consciousness but because it’s becoming more obvious it is given rise to humanity actually realizing just how powerful they are as a collective and an individual. And with this a tweak in our focus by turning off the TV and focusing on what we desire can change one’s whole reality to a whole new expansive life.

Bobbie Richardson

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