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Judging Others Is Part Of The Old Program

We are all so quick to judge. This is because the old program has taught us there is only one way. Only one right answer to a test at school, only one way that will be accepted.

It's time to take that dam veil down. There is way more than one way. Life isn't a straight road, its many twists and turns, its trying different things out so you can see what works for you at in that moment. Its not holding onto any moment for we might miss the greatest opportunity if we do in the next moment. It's allowing others to explore their world as they see fit. This is freedom.

We are all on different paths and journeys for a reason, so that we all have different experiences, if we all had the same, there would be no fun stories to share, no adventure in finding another soul who you could learn from.

Therefore let go of the judgment and learn to trust we are all doing the best with what we know and have in this moment. Then when you encounter another, instead of judging them because they aren't doing as you feel is right, you will be more open to their uniqueness and this blending of experiences could enrich your life no end.


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