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Channeled - Bobbie Richardson 31 July 2022

When you know what you desire and decide beyond doubt that you will end up there. Everything from then on is moving you towards that. Every decision, every thought, this might feel like you are not getting to your desired outcome because many times your logical mind tricks you into feeling it is in control of all experiences but even logic has no bearing on a firm knowing that one’s desired outcome is also reaching out for them.

Because even a block from logic is something that was there before the desire was put into motion, and so this so called block of unworthiness is something that will confront the person until they recognize the block as a lack of worthiness rather than something outside oneself challenging the person over and over, stopping them from getting to their desired outcome.

Therefore any interruptions are still leading one to the desired outcome, as all confronting story are apart of the journey in the first place to help one see the illusion and unworthiness that held the person apart from the desired outcome.

So every breakup, every sad story, every horrible thing that has happened to you is only the story playing out for you to see through the illusion that you are worthy of way more.

Invisionart© Channeled Message

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