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Leaving Lockdown

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

Message - 3rd September 2020

Humanity is awakening to its authentic self. This is the biggest combined reflection happening Now on Earth, as we move energetically closer and closer to knowing ourselves as ONENESS. But because many souls were trapped in an inner energetic lockdown, not realizing the veil pulled over there eyes of this controlled and a fear-based society. There had to be a story to help shift many people at the same time.

So as we come closer to knowing ONENESS or the Love that we are, the truth of the veil that was pulled over our lives was reflected outside of us all in the form of this worldwide lockdown, so we could see what was hidden from us. Lockdown is what humanity has been involved in since our vibrational fall thousands of years ago. But now it is time to step out, as now it is in front of us all. Therefore we have been given the opportunity to find our way out.

Hint - if you are angry and in fear, if you feel like a victim, you are vibrationally been sucked in deeper to being in lockdown and this will be reflected in your vibrational match as being arrested or forced to do things you don't want to ect.

This is a time to be brave enough to trust your vibration and learn to let go and take responsibility for how you feel and think again, it is an inner realization, that you have had the reigns to creating the reality you love all the time. But you gave it away by feeding into their fear based program. Thus the need to direct yourself to what your passionate about again will vibrationally move you towards freedom within and in reflection leaving the lockdown reality. This is how you show others, you teach them not by controlling and getting upset with them, but by being the example.

This is how we truly escape. As those who we have given our power away to fall due to having no control by fear accepted by anyone anymore.

With LOVE Bobbie Richardson

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