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Leaving The Mind Maze

Humanity is in a loop of trusting others outside oneself. The truth is, if you believe it, it becomes your truth, as your mind will find a way for that to become your reality, to confirm your ego that it’s right, even if that means you become caught in a destructive story full of control, fights, and deception.

Why else would mainstream program you with Armageddon movies and news. Because they know if they get you to focus on that you help them create more of it and keep you in a perpetual loop of self-sabotage, easy for them to control.

My advice is to choose an outcome you would thrive in, to be the best and happiest version of yourself, confirm this story to be your truth. Led yourself to the outcome that serves you, where you live in a world full of love and trust because you've learned to trust yourself, your soul and know where you're going.

Remember the logical mind can't create anything new, it can only grab from the past and project that into the future. Only your imagination can carve a new path so exercise this in a way that you know you will be happiest, one step at a time. By thinking what it would feel like if you were loved the way you know you deserve, or turning the key to a home that's filled with all your desires, or creating a garden of Eden, communicating with wise souls and benevolent beings. Ask yourself, what excites you, what would that look like. Trust you are worthy of all that and more.

Art By Bobbie Richardson (signed old married name) Title - Inner Fire

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Bobbie I'm 9 years old again and I'm gonna make the Earth a Garden of Eden for everyone but I'm gonna need alot of help from everyone to achieve my dream. Alpha is the Omega therefore the Omega is the Alpha thus We all are one and truly become the Universe We were destined to be. I am that I am and that is all I am and will ever be. Heeps of Love to everyone.

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If your've found your authentic calling the help will automatically turn up as you clear any old programing. Love your imagination :-)

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