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Let The New Creations Begin

Coded message to awaken your DNA

We are so close to waking up and remembering who we all actually are. We are not this limited victimized society waiting for the next order to be given so that we can breathe. We are magnificent beings with the power to create worlds within this world with our imagination. To connect to worlds beyond worlds through our emotions.

Humanity has been in lockdown for eons, the lockdown being played out in this moment of time in 2020 is just the true reflection of what has been taking place for many thousands of years, it is right before you now so that you can see it as plain as the nose on your face. So you can shift it. Because you cannot shift what you are not aware of.

Take this moment in time to burst through this program. To shine your talents, your magnificence as human warriors, of a planet filled with so much wisdom and knowledge through the plant and animal life living here. You are the caretakers the wisdom holders, you have the ability to tune into any other living creature and learn from it, to use this wisdom to create even more amazing things upon this planet. You don't need to dissect anything, you could never gain the amount of wisdom through killing the life form anyways as scientists have. But if you learn to use your emotions, your connections, you can feel into and understand more than a thousand encyclopedias.

Logic is only half of your true power, the other half is within your intuition and imagination. This combined with the arousal and freedom of your emotions you have it within you to truly move mountains and create whatever you wish. The lesson past was that you now know, you have a responsibility to the whole, to source energy, to creation itself. To not blindly use your powers to manipulate, but rather express your inner desires and trust that as a whole it will be insync with every other life form and dimension.

Trust your heart to guide your emotions, your mind, you body.

Let the new creations begin.

Bobbie Richardson

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