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Lets make a change within and start accepting our whole selves.

Why is it when we were young kids, it was natural to talk to the animals, to the plants, to imaginary friends and feel like we had been heard? Then as we grow older and become aware of our environment, other people within our reality, who tell us we are crazy? This is because the system, our education, and generations of fear games has belittled our intuitive feeling side which has created a society built upon logic only. which by the way is very easy to control from another person who uses fear to manipulate the already victimized imaginative side of ourselves to imagine and focus on a reality they want. As our logical minds have had full control of creating our reality but no temperance to hear or feel the intuitive mind it sought others to guide it. I would like to awaken us to the fact that humanity live within two hemispheres and two minds, Logic and Intuition, and that there is a way to bring balance back by asking our logical side of ourselves... ' Is it logical to dismiss half of our brain?'

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