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Life in other Dimensions

When we finally understand different frequencies and realize others live within those frequencies on Earth, expanding our reality. Other planets that once seemed inhabitable from the denser fear based frequencies will all of a sudden be streaming with life as well.

Others from the likes of Venus which from our limited reality looks like a hell, with acid clouds, and a firey hot surface, will show up as Utopia, and many Venusians will come and visit us more often as they wont have to lower themselves to our denser fear based realities, of which they would have risked falling into the same trap as humanity did many eons ago.

This rise wouldn't have anything to do with Earth changing but it has everything to do with humanity going through a clearing of the old fear based programs that held them separated from the more loving frequencies.

There is way more life on other planets in these frequencies because its a way nicer place for a soul to reside, and create from. Not taking away the physical interaction of the logical compartmentalized and separate existences, but this combined with the souls knowing of interactions with higher frequencies expand ones awareness igniting more DNA, more Neuron Paths and gifting humanity with the ability to connect with other love based beings.

All of a sudden humanities astrologers will see different atmospheric changes on planets like Venus and report back the clearing up of the acid clouds. Which would now give off a shimmering silvery pinkish orange hue, or deep golden sunsets offset by mauve hillside as an example.

They would be able to enter but only from a balanced love based mind set, as no one enters another loving frequency from a warring mind, no matter what degree they hold.

This is why it is vitally important to do the mind work, with the ability to bringing one back into the more loving based frequency faster, no matter what they encounter.

By Bobbie Richardson

Art From Pixabay

YouTube Bobbie - The Messenger

Invision Art ©

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