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Logic And The Soul

Logic learns and remembers this life, but what about what happened before this life, and why do many talk of things that others have never heard of? Where do all of these ideas even come from. Just this question in itself is enough to know there is more to life than just a copy and paste reality. So, let’s get into what logic states next to what the soul knows.

Logic remembers this life; it stores the memory of things that we focus on more of and leaves the rest.

The soul remembers beyond this life, this is held within one’s imagination and is there to expand your awareness out of a stuck reality.

This is why our connection to our soul gifts us a story that when approved by logic can shift our reality.

Logic says if you know more about a subject that you don’t want to bring into your life then you are protecting yourself and confirming you were right to protect yourself.

Your soul knows the more you focus on subject the more you create it into your reality.

Either way what we focus on is what we create more of in our life due to our consciousness seeking to confirm our reality, so in choosing to focus on what we want we are already protecting ourselves from what we don't desire.

Logic holds information about this reality we live in, how we interact with our outside material world and our limits that our physical body can endure while stable in this reality, and so when logic is put in charge it will try and keep us safe within the boundaries of the existence it knows about, creating laws and structure.

The soul holds wisdom of our etheric world before coming into our bodies and can push the boundaries of our existence so that expansion can be played with.

When they work together, we can play in the confinements but be free enough to choose to expand our reality without the need for laws given to us that keep us bound and stuck.

Logic will try to protect the body so when it’s in charge there is a level of fear that ignites when one’s soul isn’t ready to leave the body.

The soul knows nothing about death and so can push the body into trying new things because the soul knows we are immortal and this life is only a playground to expand one’s awareness in.

When we realize we are only ever meant to be using this reality as a playground for the soul to expand our fear is only used as a healthy reasoning to keep us from pushing this reality to fast.

Logic looks outside itself to find help.

The soul is the observer of one’s reality and therefore is the help the logic is looking for.

Bobbie Richardson

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