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11th September 2022

In the end when you pass from this body and move out of the logical program holding you here, you will realize that it never mattered how others remembered you, because that is only a mere reflection and projection of how they felt about themselves.

The truth goes way deeper because the real reflection of all is only love and that cannot be found until you have found it unapologetically within yourself. Therefore, anything less is only a projection of your own lack seeking confirmation to stay in denial of that love within yourself.

So, when you finally pass over, your feeling of yourself will either limit your expansion of your soul, or through self-acceptance and love gift you unlimited wisdom and connection to all that you see as that love.

Love is the gateway to unity and wisdom; fear is the denial of love. Fear cannot be present when one has accepted themselves as love going on a journey to create, because anything that feels limiting is from then on seen as one’s lesson in not aligning with love, and this can easily be let go of through centering oneself as loving the lesson that you are out of alignment with which automatically brings you back in alignment with love again.

There is no pointing the finger and judging outside of oneself then because all only exist in your reality to either gift you the reflection of the love you have for yourself or the denial of that.

Therefore at the time of death one will only need to face themselves as that is in the end all that exists from your point of view.

Channeled By Bobbie and her Soul Tribe.

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