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Moving Into Empowerment

Channeled 6th Dec 2022recognize

Much suppression within humanity's consciousness, keeping the imagination under logical lockdown. Those that are the inventers and explorers have many logistics to navigate just to use and be approved to use and develop that which they want to invent and explore.

This has nothing to do with the truth of freedom, as the soul is the overseer and always was free, but when we agree to those laws and societal bonds that kept us limited allowing only a few wealthy people to exploit many and confine our reality, we live within those limits.

So it is our agreeance as those that are sleeping, or don’t know about the power of their soul and intuition, lay dormant and allow others to place their reality at an advantage for themselves.

To recognise this will give you a new perspective and a chance to awaken, moving you out of the sleep, and into anger, roaring like a lion, you try to control that which is outside of you rather than trusting your inner knowing that you are your soul as well as the physical journey.

Bobbie Richardson

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