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Moving Towards Utopia Isn’t All Roses

Moving towards your utopia isn’t all roses. There’s work to be done, but this work is the work most have tried to hide inside from others, almost to deceive the outside world of their feelings so they can be accepted by a world where deception is pretty much commended.

This work is to find one’s blocks, where they were shunned as they were growing up. To unbury that which was buried so deep that the only thing left was negative self-talk and thoughts.

This work is the shadow side which is only there because one feels worthless and is denying the truth of their own power to fit in.

So it isn’t all roses and actually, it’s the bravest of souls that can turn a sour life into a self-supportive adventure by truly looking at oneself in a world that deceives itself to save face, with leaders that stomp on others to feel powerful.

So never underestimate those that have awoken from their slumber, for we now have an inner light that is so well grounded in worthiness and love that no one can stomp us out.

Bobbie Richardson

Photography of my eldest daughter and her wonderful man by me.

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