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Moving Towards Zero Point.

We are entering the 0 point field of our own awareness where the only thing that resides is LOVE as we are that. When we are in and have passed that point together will be able to co-create by the use of your imaginational qualities to create a new reality. It is vital to let go of the old story at this point, support yourself that you are powerful, you are God as you will feel this and your focused attention on the joy of the love you are will take you to where dreams come true.

I know humanity is going to go through an event where fear and anger could take hold as those who still gripping tightly to the story of blaming and wanting vengeance. But they will only go down with those that have supposingly done wrong. It is vital to let go and know all has happened for a bigger reason that of experiencing separation.

It is vital to enjoy your moments moving towards singularity or oneness. As you are the creator of your next conscious evolution.

I had a dream years ago where everything before the dream came true, after that I was walking down a main road and passed a Government building when an explosion of light burst out of the building and left many burnt and deceased. I knew I was going to be fine. I know know that is because I have let go of trying to blame, control, be victim and allowing my life of joy to create what I love to permeate me.

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