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My Angelic Experience from a Non-Religious Person

I think by now most you know I'm not religious, spiritual and in touch with my authentic self but not a follower of religion. But funnily enough I have had some experiences in relation to those who have religious experiences, this is one of them.

Yesterday on the 23rd June 2020 an experience I had popped in my head from

back in the early 2000s of four white whispy horses imploding through my bedroom window, it was so loud it woke me to see four horses being ridden by powerful spirits or angels galloping above my bed, three were together and one was on it's own.

I immediately sat up and said something of which I couldn't remember after, but my husband who I had frightened and had now jumped out of bed and was standing by the door heard me so I asked my husband what I had said, it was,

"They are coming soon, not just yet, I've been waiting for this one." Then the song, a band full of angels is coming after me, kept going through my head.

This morning 24th June 2020 this was scrolling down my home page, it was apparently taken in 2009.

I feel this is important for this time as it wouldn't have popped in my head if it wasn't.

It was soon after I was told to write my experiences down by seeing a pen floating above me a few nights later.

Problem is most of the meanings of these things has been warped into the fear game, as fear keeps us easily controlled, but I know this is something to free us, to align us with our authentic self. We are moving through a power time within ourselves returning back to the LOVE that we all are and these changes are happening to awaken that love not suppress it into fear.

There is only one other time I dreamt of such a horse and that was just before I was led to going Uluru with David Icke. I was on top of a white horse (or the first horse) and knew it gave me an advantage of what I was seeing and experiencing. It told me of the fear game being played and to focus on capturing the truth.

I had already dreamt of the trip to Uluru just before I was chosen to go with David to see her in 2011 there's more to this story, but in the end I was taken into the mountain between two cliff faces with a man, we placed our foreheads on the rock wall and chanted as I was taught a few years back by a visitation from the Pleiadians of how to connect. All of my dreams of a potential new Earth were flooding out of my mind into the rock as I spoke saying, 'many are ready to come with you' and Earth spoke back to me saying, 'I will help you awaken many more.'

I do believe the other three horses or energy will be coming to Earth in a row, these will be a clearance of energy not inline with our authentic self, this is horse two which will re-awaken horse three that of inner balance as our right intuitive hemisphere give rise to the feminine and masculine working together within. Anyone not inline with this will falter and fight each other as a reflection of there war within. The best thing to do is to stay out of there fight and focus on present moment living. The third horse represents the fall of the ego, or letting go of the logical ruling mind, who only rules via holding onto past issues and projecting them into the future. All of those not trusting this death within, will suffer as the ego can only lead us to more disappear as our trust of the unknown focused on creating the reality we want can not be logified. As our unique gifts of creating lives within our imagination, leading us in every moment towards our happiness, creating step by step a reality worth letting go of the ego.

Real experiences and Channeled by Bobbie Richardson

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