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New Rolls in Leadership and a Rise of Telepathic Abilities.

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

13th September 2022

Ascension Messages and DNA Activation.

IIn the new Earth, we will assign our guides and leaders as the need arises. This is because we are all sovereign beings with gifts that can be brought forward for the collective in divine timing. Some may be called to be guides for years and others for only moments. None are more or less worthy than another as all is unified in the knowing that our collective energy is that which we fuel, giving us a knowing that serves the individual’s needs as well, due to an alignment of vibrations within the collective group.

This means no one feels they are completely in charge or denied of sharing their wisdom.

Therefore, leaders are appointed as adventures are created, with each and every one of us knowing when it is time to stand up and guide or not, when a scientist is needed those with wisdom in this sector are heard as the guide, when a spiritual person is needed then they are called for energetically to connect, weather that is the whole of humanities collective or those within your immediate town.

There is no stepping on another to be heard, it is just known through one’s feelings that that’s what is needed in that time-frame. And as we are all firstly supportive of our on gifts, that inner self-support is felt by the collective.

Then when it is time to let go of the leadership role, one moves aside allowing another to step forward, which gives the first guide a time to rest and enjoy life’s blessing.

This will move in progression with the collective’s ability to connect at a deeper level eventually becoming telepathic which will rise as the empathic abilities of humanities consciousness are accepted and recognized as the norm. Feeling into each other from a self-supported knowing that one would only allow those with similar story-line to contribute to their own.

The first step to becoming connected is that one grows the ability to become telepathic by acknowledge and support one’s own feelings, to know thyself and when another is trying to grasp and manipulate even in dream state. This rise in awareness and love of self will shift humanities consciousness past the limited logical mind being in charge and gravitate towards a unified field of consciousness reflecting outward in only accepting a reality that matches one’s inner acceptance of both logic and intuition.

There will be no need for external devices to be implanted as humanity has the ability to shift into feeling once they have come to know and acknowledge themselves purging all unwanted and unsupported thoughts. This then gifts them the ability to feel more and to since other people intentions, leaving those that gained their authority by manipulation and insincerity out of a job.

Channeled By Bobbie Richardson and her Team.

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