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Channeled - 3rd Feb 2022


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Stepping off the world clock will gift you back a link to Gaia’s energy wave patterns.

Where each wave of energy flows with the natural impulses of humanity. Meaning when one feels the need to rest and nurture oneself, taking that time to themselves allows one to regroup and trust in the next wave of inspiration, leading you to take the appropriate action, which is coming from the heart instead of the compartmentalized logic of doing as you are told, instead of how you feel.

To trust in this divine timing, gifts you way more inspiration, as this opens and allows one to feel into heart which is where one’s soul speaks through.

In the past, following a compartmentalized schedule of wake, work, rest, sleep could mean that one’s natural rhythm was placed out of sync with the natural pulses of energy that Gaia and the Universe gifted humanity. Meaning you could go to work and find that nothing is working for you almost like the whole day was an absolute waste of time, or even worse if you kept pushing through for monetary gain, then you could wear yourself out and end up so depleted, falling sick. Another thing that could happen is that your soul could lead you into an accident so a rest was forced onto the person who was way out of balance.

This divine timing or wave and pulses of energy which flow naturally on and through humanity interact with each of us differently depending on our nature and personalities, which can mean that some might feel the pull to action while others a time to rest and nurture oneself. This allows for the collective to always be in flow with life, like watching ripples of water being affected by the wind.

To take this dive into trusting the divine timing, one will need to allow and not force or sit in anxiety waiting to feel into one’s passions, because if this is how you feel, you will miss the calling as it would be overrode by nervous tension and heart palpitations.

Instead, taking deep breaths, living in the moment, and saying to self that this to will pass, so I will enjoy this self-nurturing time because when it does, I will be energized and ready for the next wave of inspiration to led me to all I have placed in the universal well of my desires.

Bobbie Richardson


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