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One is Never Alone and this is Why.

Channeled message 12 May 2012, added to 18th Oct 2020

I tripped up over this in one of my old journals and thought to share.

This is a game of watching ourselves.

We have projected ourselves and are observing the story being played out at the same time. Which was in fact already planned but with the allowance of choices for the projected version of ourselves to make. I mean it would be boring to watch if we knew all the choices made as an observer, so this makes the game interesting to have an unknownness about the reality we are creating. But all is planned in relation to the biggest picture. This in itself means we are both the observer or production manager and actor of our reality.

Separation is only felt as loneliness when we forget that we are also the observer as well, as the observer is connected to all, it is only the projected actor of ourselves allowing all experiences to be felt that is telling the story of separation and feeling into this deception as truth.

... But really we are never alone as we are the observer, not just connected to 'all', we are 'all', and in that 'all ' is pure love in itself experiencing the diversities of separation to learn, to feel, to know more about self and what love in the creation of 'all' is.

Bobbie Richardson

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