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Our Milky Way and Andromeda Galaxies Are Colliding

Channeled By Bobbie Richardson 17th June 2020

Although scientists say this event is billions of years away, Remember everything in the feild of energy is relevant and Galaxies are so large the energies will already be felt, especially in the decision to collide. As when two great energies pull towards each other the effects alter each party, each pull feeding and taking energy from the other. And as we are on the outer edge of the Milky Way, Earth is one of the first to feel into these new energies including humanity.

Last night I dreamt of telling others of this event and seeing new stars emerge in our night sky so this morning knowing those new stars meant new energies I thought to add it to my blog and see what I channeled through.

Merging of energies is always an interesting time. Take a man and a women moving in together, all the ups and downs they have until they get use to each others more intimate habits or the changes felt by a pregnant women like strange cravings and feelings that were never there before.

But what about two galaxies colliding?

Remember no matter what when two energies merge, both are changed.

We are entering a vibration of new songs, new stories and new lives, I know this because I've been very privileged to have visited Source Energy.

The old will fall away as the lessons of that vibrational story have come to the end. But then one must ask, have we learnt, are we individually ready to let go, so that we have the strength to merge with another?

A memory of Bobbies came up when she was single for nine years, knowing what she wanted was to be with another she first had to learn to be strong within herself otherwise anyone else would swallow her energy up and change her into them. She had to know who she was and support that herself before she was ready to meet the right man and because she had denied so much of her unique self before she had to find her fire within her to match the uniqueness and strength of her reflection in a man, the more powerful she was or denied in herself the more powerful the men she meet.

Being that Bobbie had prophetic dreams she was always told of the new energies or men she meet and what they would bring. She was told of the man she ended up with, one year before she meet him as she learnt in that year to align her energy, her strength with his and this is what she is feeling now with the two Galaxies merging.

Once she got to this point, she could energetically line up with him and the two meet on equal terms, she then had the strength move into his home only 3 months after meeting and she learnt to stand her ground as a unique creative being. Nearly 3 years on they are both extremely in love but she had to learn to be gentle to herself and her man as in gentleness is a knowing of strength and supporting of who she is.

So now what happens when two galaxies merge, and what about us individually and as a human species?

Have we learnt the strength of who we are as a whole human, have we learnt the lesson of duality, of understanding we will never know the other side completely, that of the

feminine (pleiadian) (right hemisphere) (intuitive side) or the

masculine (reptilian) (left hemisphere) (logical side) but we can accept and trust them because we know we all come from LOVE or Source Energy.

Is humanity strong enough to say no to either side taking control and only allowing the gentleness and strength of love for all to show us they way forward. These are the lessons humanity has been through the last thousands of years. The acceptance of the unknown part of ourselves and the strength that loving ourselves as a whole being both consumer and creator will give rise to our energy as a unique awesome humane being. No longer in fear of our strengths or our ability to create in unique ways.

At this moment this is what we add to Andromeda, the knowledge of acceptance, of tolerance, of loving the unknown. This is why both have decided to merge. For only those who feel there strength within this from the love they have for themselves and knowing this love will keep them safe and give them the reason to be alive and protected. As humans share their energies with the unknown Andromeda they will have had to stop fighting within themselves. They will know gentleness like a large dog who knows his strength and wont act like a fearful small dog who feels weak in the fear of self.

Just in the knowing that we are all Source Energy, we are all needed. Our souls are of ONE no matter what the other looks like or appears to be. This is the strength we can carry into the opening of another reality as humans return to their rightful place in the cosmos.

When new energies flow through humanity, it is our job to line up with the strength in knowing who we all are, by trusting the unknown as all comes from LOVE. In this we will only be approached by the same energy, that of love.

There will be so much more to share of our journey towards acceptance of self as we graduate out of lockdown and into the truth of the multiverses of creation.

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