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Our Minds Belong In The Fifth Dimension.

14th June 2020

Channeled Message

Ever wondered why our minds jump around from past to future? Ever wondered why everyone tells us it's so important to stay in the moment? Ever wondered why humanity feels so lost and unhappy?

Its time to put our minds in its rightful place of allowing time to be. As the mind out of control doesn’t live in the present moment, it lives in the past and projects into the future.

The reason for this is because in the fifth dimension the mind is the observer and the observer is our relevant connection to Source energy, God or Creator.

But when the mind as the observer was disconnected from Source Energy eons ago in the fall of humanity. We were taught to never trust our right hemisphere, that not only held our imagination and intuition it is also our connection and knowing of Source Energy or God, so humanity couldn’t look from the observational point of view anymore or through its connection to the God or Source Energy we are and that’s why the mind used our memory as the observer point in reference to our creating instead.

But in using the old memories of humanity to oversee our next actions and thoughts we learnt not to let go, as in letting go of those memories that don’t exist anymore but were originally used to record and be held by the observer or God within us as experiences to delight from, this lose or disconnection of not knowing how to direct our lives from a higher observational point meant the observer within us felt it couldn’t function so it grasped at the only thing it knew that of our memories thus we tell ourselves a multiple of excuses to keep the memory ball dancing within our minds and use it to give rise to thoughts and actions correlating to past experiences only, repeating over and over things we are unhappy with.

A mind that has over taken all authority of our creation as well as our ability to consume or let go, will grasp at the past to remember the nightmares and project them into the future causing action of the same nightmares bringing them back around into reality again to prove it is the lord of all, that it is right in it’s over protection of creating.

The logical mind knows nothing of the imagination, our intuition, or of our source/god/creator within. So it can only create from the past and if your energy was already born into unhappy situation because you left your last life unhappy then the mind can only start from all of those unwanted feelings and emotions as well.

So you see the minds rightful place in allowing the flow between logic and intuition needs to be still so you as a human can create and consume all again with ease to produce the happiest outcome for you as an experiencer because in this stillness it can connect to source energy and thus wake up the right-brain to function properly again.

Once we learn to let go and still our minds we will feel the power of the mind connected to Source as the observer and allow all knowing to be tapped into as we align ourselves with Source Energy again which will completely brings us into the fifth dimension.

The 5th dimension is one that creates all with love because we as a soul are LOVE or Source Energy.

Humanity isn’t completely severed from the right brain in this reality though so we can connect again. We still have this connection through the corpus callosum or red bridge at the base of the brain, but in belittling the parts of ourselves that of the right brain activities we start a war within which is reflected outside of us. In this ignorance we appear quite crazy going around in circle expecting change from outside ourselves.

An experiment was done by Dr Ramachandrain on a person whose brain was disconnected completely from each hemisphere so he could communicate to each hemisphere entirely on its own. When he asked the left-brain if it believes in God, it said “no”. When he asked the Right hemisphere it said “yes”.

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