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Our Reality Counts

Reality exist in many different levels, a insect has a different reality to a cow and a cow to a bird. All exist in the same reality with different perspectives of that reality, which together make up oneness or the whole.

Within humanity we all have different perspectives of the same reality, no one is better than the other nor more truthful as all perspectives have there uniqueness which brings new awarenesses to the whole.

Therefore none can be judged and none should be belittled.

There are multiple stories weaving through us from bringing down the elitte to uplifting humanity into taking the reigns of our own lives again. To finding stillness within so that we may find our uniqueness and stop playing the roll the program. To believing in mainstream and feeling into what it's like to live the program of survival.

All of us bring a unique glimpse into our different reality.

Just make sure the one you choose is the one you are happiest with, for only happiness in the moment leads you to more happiness and more happiness in a world gone sad will only improve the quality of not only your life but for those in your reality to.

Channeled message 3rd August 2020

Bobbie Richardson

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