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There are certain forces outside the norm that will intervene when you choose a certain path.

To prepare means to have a way out or a way towards something. To prepare for a way out means you are focused on feeling vulnerable in a situation, but to prepare towards what you desire means you are still moving out of that which no longer gives you any benefits but this focus also moves you into more blessings. We have been programmed to always prepare for the worst situations instead of focusing and preparing for what we desire.

As it is within this, not knowing ourselves that we become subject to trusting others who we also do not know.

It is in knowing ourselves that we take back our wisdom and therefore never allow another to shame us into actions of victimization that keeps us bound and at the mercy of others who direct our next actions, serving only them and not the whole.

Humanities' natural state is in serving the whole, this is why there are so many in service to others.

So, who are we really?

We feel so small when we look at others and judge ourselves as we have been taught to do, we are battered from birth with so many programs that keeps us this way, that keeps us confined and limited and to all of those who we see trying to make a difference are punished in some form or another even if their course feels justified.

But this is mainly because humanity has forgotten such a large part of themselves, their connection to their inner core, their soul which if left their body, would collapse. This in itself would suggest a reason to at the least acknowledge that which we feel within to be a part of something greater than a set of outside programs taught to keep us small.

Therefore, knowing oneself and our connection to our soul which has the ability to understand way more that the copy and paste reality pulled over our eyes through the educational system, is more powerful than we are led to believe because in understanding this part of ourselves we can feel into seventy and the awareness that we are in charge of the reality we create not another.

Humanities purpose is changing from interacting and operating from a limited consciousness by looking at all outside oneself as real and seeing our physical reflection as something that directs our environment and our reality. Therefore, others are asked to take on the role of leadership as one cannot sense their own inner value or compass anymore.

This is changing to recognizing all as a reflection of our inner knowing, where each of us are in ourselves a god creating an individual reality through the utilization of our imagination which gravitates towards others that are unifying us as one common goal through our souls, which has united before for common purposes and so recognizes the value the other is bring to the table trusting each other as they learn to trust themselves.

Within all purpose, another purpose from a higher perspective can be in operation. When the individual’s purpose has come to an end of a cycle as all that can be learnt is learned and a new reason for being is showing up. Humanity as a collective will fall into a greater united purpose as the higher purpose and perspective moves us all together. This force will affect all but it is always in the eye of the individual as to whether we align with this or not. Many that can feel into different higher perspectives can easily feel the shifts happening from this higher perspective and can align easer which is beneficial to those that don’t know of this awareness but in saying so still need to trust in others which will bring them into alignment by trusting themselves to go with the flow. This is why it is beneficial to move through these times by living in the moment as much as possible as humanities consciousness is encountering a higher flow of energy not yet available to all.

Nov 2nd 2022

Bobbie and her soul team.learned

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