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Channeled Awareness 15th June 2022

Each and every one of us has a unique reality coming from our perceptions of everything. Created from our experiences and our decisions to believe or not to believe. The truth is far more diverse, than one person knows better than another, as the truth is the eye of the beholder. But acceptance and choice is what truly creates our experience, as it holds the ability for one to see all through love, and choose what resonates for them.

Up till now humanity has been told what to experience, trusting those that got into power by deception and ruthlessness. But now the very energies holding that power in play have come crumbling down leaving them exposed to the backlash of being out of balance with the cosmos.

So those with eyes to see can understand how they were held in a program created through fear and not through their inner knowing that they always had the ability to choose.

So with humanities consciousness is rising to meet the natural balance of all creations, stepping out of the proverbial prison and into a higher consciousness giving rise to many becoming aware of their souls and connection to the whole. They now have the reigns out of this knowing, that they can choose to recreate their reality from the inside out, no longer needing to rely on those who have gained their victory from greed controlling them from outside themselves.

We therefore have the right through birth to experience life as we desire, as the very rise in conscousness and knowing that we are all connected gifts us not only that right but that desire.

Bobbie Richardson

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