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When one knows more than others, when one sees a way out of kaos and into calmness, to others that are still in kaos, one could look crazy, could seem like they are showing a path to nowhere because outside the drama and kaos is an unknown feeling, one that people strive for but also feel foreign too. Everything is a risk in the end and in not choosing, you are still choosing. It is within the choice to listen and learn or return back to kaos and a reality that will go deeper into separation dictated by others who rule from an unbalanced mind, who live in hardship and fear because it will no longer be in alignment with the new energies arriving on Gaia.

These new energies are here now to help align humanity back out of a prison within themselves and into connection with all again, these new energies are returning us all home. Guiding us to a balance state of mind.

The more we align with what we truly desire and not what we think others want us to be or achieve, the more the universe seems to reflect that desire and give it to us.

The problem lies not only in accepting that you deserve better but in allowing those parts of us that don’t resonate with this new reality to fall away.

The closer we as a collective gets to higher consciousness the more we synchronization happens energetically to us, thus the stories of returning home become our reality as more and more of us know thyself and connection to the whole.

When one has freed themselves from the program and aligned themselves with there souls mission a sense of clarity befalls them. Each time they face a fear of rejection within themselves and step up from a place of non judgement they will find more energy through a knowing and clarity that they are on the right path.

Others opinions fall away and new people gather to support as ones reality starts to form from inner peace and self support which is reflected by their outside world. This keeps happening until ones awareness becomes a knowing that they are not only their bodies but all that exists in there reality, then the illusion of separation falls and the responsibility of creation takes place. This is when one is stepping into becoming the God/Oneness/Prime Creator of their reality and an understanding that all others are of that nature to.

Bobbie The Messenger

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