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Pearls Of Wisdom

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

I often come up with small bits of info, I like to call Pearls of Wisdom, and thought to create this blog which I can keep adding to as I write them here, some are channeled and some are from information I've learnt over the years.

Real Experience

I've had a real telepathic experience that I even got confirmation from as I asked an Elder from Ohio to say a specific thing when we were talking telepathically for the first time, and afterwards she did word for word exactly what I asked her to say, then she whispered in my ear "It's magical isn't it." So I know 100% we all have this ability as she's human and has the same brain we all do, the only difference is that she was brought up differently. And so for the last 14 years, I focused all of my attention on... "What's Humanities Potential?"

29th Nov 2020

Earth isn't the only place you can go but most of humanity was caught in the matrix so to speak with their right hemisphere of the brain in lockdown, that of the intuition and imagination. So like a beetle with the right-wing put to sleep, they just keep going around and around in circles. Thus the almost never-ending loop of humanity repeating life after life on Earth. But once we connect back our intuition and imagination, and Source energy/God/Oneness again we can go where we want once we die.

29th Nov 2020

Q. Why do we see spirits and flashes of light from the side of our vision?

A. We see spirits or other dimensional beings from the peripheral vision because this is connected to our first brain which is what they call the reptilian brain and just like reptiles who see movements more than objects we to can see faster frequency speeds from the peripheral, thus other-dimensional beings whose frequency is faster than ours. BR

Nov 2020

The grass is greener where the heart is fondest.

Channelled Message 25th May 2020

The mind has the most resistance to manifesting so you’ll need to work with it as the path of least resistance, meaning what stories are the most likely to come true for you. Start there then open the door to your mind further and further by adding more unlikely events to happen. Lets start with abundance, you could say, “I can feel a pay rise coming my way”, then after you’ve aligned yourself with the reality of that. You can up-the-anti and say, “soon I will win a big prize”. Work with the mind and the mind will have least resistance rather then fighting to make your mind change.

Channelled Message 2020

We source energy/oneness has split and reflected ourselves in multiple realities to experience but in the beginning, it was just one, and one decided to split so it could experience. If we take the power back that we are source though it all comes down to changing our reality from the inside out, taking the reigns of the distortions and lining them up with Love or source energy again.


Feminine – here to use her imagination and intuition find the happiest path forward in life, bringer of ideas.

Masculine – here to harness the story told by their feminine side or female companion to use their natural ability to focus on the outcome bringing it into reality.

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