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People tell you to come from your heart, but how do you do that?

So many will tell you to come from your heart, but how do you do that?

Well the heart isn't the mind, it doesn't learn and retain information as the mind does. It doesn't hold onto problems and remind us to acknowledge those problems of the past before making any decisions. It doesn't lead you to the same problems to convince you that they still exist.

No the heart is connected to our feelings in the moment, our heart is open to what feels good. Our heart is connected to our soul that is the observer of our reality through those feelings and emotions and knows the quickest way to get want you desire. It knows more about the truth of our immediate reality because it doesn't block the truth by the past as the mind does.

So coming from the heart can easily lead you to your happiest place in the moment without fear. Unless it senses danger in that moment and then you will know by your true reaction to move away. So you see you can trust your heart way more than your mind.

Now how do we re-learn to come from our heart and not our mind.

If you could imagine the most amazing thing you could ever want.

Say it's a beautiful home, serene, happy, peaceful.

Now feel into that feeling of having that home right now. What does that feel like?

Say it makes you feels secure, and surrounded by beauty, so abundant.

What could you do right now to bring that feeling to you?

Maybe it's buying a beautiful plant you saw last week, maybe it's reorganizing or tidying your home to give you more of that feeling, maybe it's paying that bill so you don't have it in your head on a to do list anymore which gives you the space within to fill up with feelings of living in such a beautiful home.

That's your next move, and the cool thing is as it comes from the hearts desire, your perspective shifts from hating whatever you do next to loving the feeling of moving towards a good feeling.

So you see what we've just allowed is to connect to your heart, your heart knows the quickest way to bring to you what you love. It knows your deepest desires without having your mind telling you it's all not possible so you should just give up and feel miserable again. No, doing this will not only lead you straight to what you love, but on the way you are feeling more inline with that feeling and isn't the feeling in the end what you truly desire.

War Within.

Our biggest war is within ourselves all else is a mere reflection. The war within is between our logical mind which has been given far to much reign, and it's fight to keep leading us down a path of laws and limitations which is all logic can rule from, and our intuition connected to our hearts and soul, which knows the least resistant way to acquire what we truly desire through our feelings and emotions. Pretty simple really, in this moment do you feel good or are you stuck in the past? As the mind only knows the past. Think about it, it's what our outside reality is reflecting, a world built on laws protecting us from, what-ifs.

Bobbie Richardson -

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