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Portals do exist, we knew about them many eons ago, but through the fall of humanity, our fear and guilt led us into not trusting ourselves and therefore our outside world, grasping at anyone to show us the way. This gave an opportunity for others to control us and condemn any magic still lingering in the witches and wizards of long ago, annihilating all wisdom connected to these doorways into other worlds and dimensions. But now with many learning to link back to Source Energy and acknowledge their souls as an authentic part of self, this wisdom is returning.

Many doors can be activated by harmonic resonance, many voices singing the right frequencies. Others are activated by those of a balanced mind which allows one’s imagination to be accepted by the logical mind therefore activating the heart as a desired focus to open these doorways, this is why Egyptians weighed your heart, and if it was as light as a feather you could pass through the gateway.

Other gateways are activated by our ability to talk to Mother Earth through advancing telepathic abilities, and she will gift those people, the right places, times, and movements to move through those hidden portals.

And then some are led by the Faye folk who keep guard of these windows to other dimensions.

Where do they go? Well, they all have their own ability to fold space and time using your activated pineal gland, some go to other dimensions on Gaia, where others flourish in a state of tranquillity. Others go to inner Earth, or other physical plains inside Earth. Then there are those gateways that are connected to other planets which have a strong connection to Gaia, like Venus, Mars, our own solar system, Pleiades, Sirius, Orion’s Belt, Betelgeuse, Rigel and more.

First one would have to learn to know thyself and then to know where one is going unless being guided for the first few times by those of the actual planet or interdimensional frequency.

We all have it within us to activate these abilities, each one of us that is becoming more self-aware will be guided by feelings of excitement and passion to the right door and how that all comes about for you, trust your intuition and heart.

Good luck with your journey and remember your dreams are a great place to connect and learn about other dimensions.

Bobbie and her team 22nd April 2022.

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