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Powerful Benevolent Beings Message for 2020

This message came from several different beings over 30 years of my life, and shown in many different ways but always the same message would ring through me.

Some interrupted my dreams to take me from this reality and show me into another much more peaceful connected reality. Some showed me tubes of dark coming to Earth and all those not in a clear mind would all but disappear unless we held a still mind. Some showed me a time when a split in the Earth's vibration would occur and many would return to the start of evolution. Some guided me with advice of how to control my mind, using a default image like a sunflower in my mind to learn to control it when ever I caught myself thinking negative thoughts, so I learned to choose what I thought instead of letting my mind choose for me. Even Earth herself visited me and said not to worry about her wounds, that she is giving birth to a new reality and when the time comes the best thing we could do is to dance our way through.

I know this is the time, this is when we get to choose what our reality is going to be, all depends if you focus on what makes you happy or in fear.

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