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Prepare To Let Go Of The Preparation

25th Oct

We are on the verge of a huge uprise in humanities consciousness, but before this happens the stress of carrying what we don't want becomes so obvious that we need to put down that which is stressful and trust in the void of not logically knowing everything in order to feel into creating something brand new.

25th Oct

Until we learn to trust our own instincts again, which would mean that logic would have to let go enough to allow our instincts to play out. We are subject to being bamboozled by others who use our logic against us.

Prepare to let go… Let go of preparing for an outcome you don't desire. The more we step into trusting our immediate vibration the more we are present and living in the void of unlimited possibilities. Other than logic preparing us in a limited way, carving a limited path similar to what’s already been.

24th Oct

Let it all go,

Let go of the demands upon yourself, the expectations of your reality, the thoughts that others are influencing your reality, let go of your reality as it is, to make space for a whole new reality to emerge.

One where you are exactly what you know you deserve to be in, one where your reality is created by you, where you trust the thoughts you choose to focus on to create the reality you want to exist in. You are the creator, you can say no to anything that dosn’t feel good and yes to all that does. One where love is all as you are love in reflection of all.

Channeled - Bobbie and her Team

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