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1. The program of giving more then you receive. This program keeps humanity unbalanced and in a lack of mentality, which in reflection, others take the roll of greed. Therefore, stepping out of this victim mentality and allowing abundance to flow through you, receiving and giving for yourself will help equal out the rich and poor, the greedy and vulnerable, as your shift will learn to fill your own bucket of abundance first and allow the overflow to be given freely to others, but to do this the program of judgment must have been released.

2. The program of judgment keeps you in a restricted mindset, as judgment comes from a feeling of lack of self-worth only relying on others outside of you to tell you what’s acceptable and what’s not. Once this is healed through self-worth you will release the thoughts that you need to be a certain way and for others to be that way, which gifts all freedom to be authentic, learning to love all aspects of yourself including your so-called faults.

3. The program of competition, you are not in competition with anyone but yourself, this is a program pulled over your eyes to keep you focused outside yourself, judging others as an excuse, which if let go of will give you a chance to see yourself as love again and allow you to experience the flow of all co-creating together instead of fighting to only be the best at everything.

4. The program of failure, this program can keep you in procrastination and never achieving your hearts desires due to feeling those outside of you judging you as you judge you, or it can take you down a path of never fully stepping into a project as with that 20% that you held back with, this will give your mind an out that you didn’t try and therefore the program of being a failure is confirmed through never trusting yourself 100% and this being reflected back. How to release this program is to step into your next project 100% knowing you support it so much that no matter if it fails or succeeds there were always lessons and so until you decide that what you have learnt and achieved is enough or whether you decide to never stop until you receive your aclaydes, you have the reigns to completion in how ever you see it but not from the eyes of another.

5. The program of spite, this program is designed to keep a story that’s so-called unforgivable alive. It keeps your attention on the person or problem which is not where the problem started in the first place, as all issues are syncing up with where you are not supporting yourself, so the program of spite keeps you looking outside yourself which only confirms to you that the story you are trying through spite to get rid of will only bring it in more. To release this program, one will need to look at self-first as the common denominator of the story they are in and learn to use the story as to where one isn’t supporting self again.

6. The program of owing, which keeps us under control of another person or company, as to owe another means they have the power and you need them, therefore you give your power to them, this program is interwoven into society to keep humanity in a victim mentality. To release this, we must first realize that we are all Source Energy/God going on an adventure and at the core there isn’t anyone more or less worthy other than what you tell yourself, and that all in your reality is confirming that. That this program of owing is only a chosen path of victim needs someone outside them to help with there own worth. But once released and humanity takes back their trust in themselves and therefore their outside reality, they will no longer need to look to another to owe again because how abundant and what they know of their worth will be freely given in the moment, as it is needed in unlimited ways, gifting humanity back their freedom to choose their own adventure and step out of the limited programs.

7. The program of trusting all outside yourself. This is installed via our education because all in the educational program keeps one looking outside of themselves for the answer, that each child knows nothing other than what an outside force tells it to know, that to succeed we must copy and paste our reality only trusting logic and that means we are all an easy target to be taken advantage of and or controlled. The way to release this program is to use anything that feels wrong or uncomfortable to look within oneself for the reflection in one’s own self talk.

8. The program of authority. This is another built into the societal structures of humanities lifestyle. It is present to keep one feeling that the outside world has an authorities position through education and notoriety. By keeping humanity under authority will reflect one’s unworthiness until one follows the program put in place by the educational system designed to keep humanity victimised to a few pulling the strings at the top of the authoritive pyramid. The release of this program is to know your worth is based in alignment with how you feel about yourself rather than how others feel about you.

9. The program of hard work equals rewards. This was program is another that starts in the educational system which automatically rewards people’s efforts based on physical and logical accolades, rather than knowing one’s own worth is worthy to explore their life as an adventure. This gives those of power and greed the very society where they are pulling all strings, where society will bend and the knees to follow a program based only on looking outside oneself for rewards and never trusting their vibration to match that will give them abundance freely. To release this one will have to learn to self-nurture, to not feel guilt for being in the empty space of receiving and allowing their reality to reflect a path of abundance because one desires it.

10. The program of lust. This program is activated by being taught to look for love outside of oneself, to fill one’s outer world with beauty, desire, security, and love but never see’s any of this within oneself. This means that those that desire lust to fill what they themselves cannot give has given away their power to that which is lusted after and so many try to take their power back by controlling that which they seek so they never leave. To release this program, one would need to look within themselves and find all that they seek for another to give, recognize where they lack love within and find it within themselves. Then this will magnetize those towards you that match all that you have accepted within yourself and your relationships from then on will be stable because nobody can give you what you can give yourself 100% of the time.

11. The program to fear death. The fear of death was pulled over humanities eye’s and used against us so those in power could maintain control. Death has a natural bodily response to keep us alive but when one is program to fear death to the point where one wont do anything unless they are told to by another then this program can kill you while still alive, because there is nothing worse than a soul trapped in limitation directed by another that comes from their own limitations. The way out of this is to seek the meaning of the soul, for the soul will never cease, being that it is a part of Oneness/God itself and therefore the eternal you will never die, only the body which was a gift for only a short time so that the soul could experience way more adventures and perceptions of life.

12. The program of fear. The program of fear itself surrounds most humans and is used to limit all experiences as a human. Fear can be useful in the moments when it is needed to shift one’s reality from a compromising position to a safe one, but when an outsider has installed fear into humanity through teaching us that we are small and should always feel a victim to life. This gives those predator leaders a way to stay in control and use their control to move humanity into disastrous position, even guiding them off the cliff into a life full of over protecting laws and limitations. The way out of this is to know that no one outside of you is any stronger or weaker than you, that we are all Source Energy/Oneness/God desiring to go on a journey through the avatar of this body and therefore strength has nothing to do with how strong or weak one’s body is but rather the will of the person and whether they have decided to live a life full of experiences and love or fall victim to those that are simply in denial of their own link to Oneness.

28th Oct 2022



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