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Q. Are there different types of ‘awakened’ people.

FB questions sometimes ignite my team to answer, here's one example.. we love questions that inspire and inform others on their path.

Q. Are there different types of ‘awakened’ people e.g. woke awakened, Christian awakened, other religion awakened, & so on?

A. The awakening, is not anything to do with religion as religion is a limited concept of our soul's connection, with its own rules and confinements, following another person's advice who is often coming from their own lack within and needs followers to feel that they are doing good.

The true awakening is an inner realization that you are the one creating your reality, that you know what's best for you, and that you are responsible for all of your decisions.

So getting back to your question... yes there are many in different levels of the awakening process. This isn't linear and often flows back and forth between each stage, as we all learn to purge the programs we thought would keep us safe but instead kept us bound to a system benefiting only a few (shadow work), to learning to accept and love your uniqueness, to embracing your worthiness, to trusting yourself again, and then leading you to freedom of expressing you as the creator rather than the follower. Some have awoken and are the guides, others awaken later, there is no wrong or right and no better as that's part of the old concept of competition that will need to be purged.

Bobbie and her Soul Team

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