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Queens & Kings of the World

When I was a small child I received messages from beyond. I didn't understand that they were messages from my soul tribe or what I now call my team, but I did listen to them. One day I asked, "I would like to be the Queen", I was only about 6 years old and just like every small girl, we secretly wish to become a Queen.

My team answered, 'You wouldn't want to be like the Queen of this world', I will never forget that channeled message because it totally confused me.

Now I realize why, because a true Queen isn't one who rules and controls her people but she is a guide and a server to her people, she doesn't horde money to project her worth but she fills her own bucket and lets the rest overflow spilling out onto others to teach them to do the same. Today I finally have learnt enough about myself to know that we are all Kings and Queens and I wish for all little girls, boys and others to find their own King and Queen within and take back their power.

Bobbie Richardson

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