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Re-Writing Our Story

6th Nov

Standing out on a Jetty looking out over the vast ocean of your life. This is a moment in time where the collective has let go of reality enough to be able to re-write your story.

To imaging much adventure, possibilities beyond the normal restrictions that have been placed over our potential via fear and propaganda.

This re-writing is also a re-wiring of your thoughts and how you perceive your reality. And so your imagination is a vital clue to all that is breaking down, because it is within the walls of breaking away from the do’s and don'ts of society where we will find a new creative path. One where each of us has through our own knowing, allowed what we deserve, and bring forth our wisdom to invent new ways that easily navigate past thoughs illusional holding walls of law and order that only served a few wealthy men who felt it in the best interest to have humanity be restricted.

As you feel into your vast ocean of life and imagine it all washing away leaving you with a wave of serenity and calmness, that you are not only allowed to experience but also to feel completely supported by the universe to write a new story.

What would that be?

Bobbie and her Soul Team

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